#1 How to increase security in managing work of external teams in Jira? (Issue SYNC – use case)

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5 January 2017 • 8 min read

    When your company uses Jira for internal purposes, security is the matter of proper configuration – based mainly on granting access to specific projects. However, working in a company – especially in a big one –   creates the need to cooperate not only with units within the company’s structure, but also externally with contractors. This requires IT teams to pay far more attention to proper security standards.

    Risks you need to face when disobeying proper security standards:

    • Loss of project data
      • Not everyone has   bad intentions, but if an external company is entering your Jira, there might be a risk of losing some important information. Without a proper add-on you might be forced to give access to whole projects, even if, for example, you only want to synchronise issues with the highest priority.
    • Spreading sensitive data
      • In case of granting access to specific groups of professionals, there’s a risk that they might get hold of information they aren’t supposed to. Once, one of our customers mistakenly shared information about salaries for all contractors – not only did it cause distaste which was hard to erase and seriously harmed work motivation for a long time, but also it cost the company long hours of salary negotiations.
    • Exposure to legal consequences
      • Companies which  cooperate with enterprises usually have to sign strict agreements with even stricter penalties in case of data leak. Even if the data aren’t very sensitive, the amount of money the company is forced to pay might be dramatic. And so, not only in this case investment in proper security solutions surely doesn’t go to waste..

    Applying Issue SYNC in your security standards

    Issue SYNC is an add-on that allows to integrate two Jira instances with advanced synchronisation options.

    One of the solutions specifically prepared with security in mind is Issue SYNC:

    • Unlike any other solution available on the market, this add-on allows to work on the same issues with external contractors without exchanging logins and passwords between Jira. The synchronisation runs almost in real time – our competitors synchronise information every 3 sec, we have set our synchronisation intervalfor 1 min, which allows us to synchronise less data in  bigger parts. From an individual user’s point of view it’s not visible, but it increases the speed of the whole process and it doesn’t burden servers so much. Another unique feature of Issue SYNC is its ability to transfer data between Jira instances without user login and password information. Instead, all data are sent with an identification key. Without this solution any advanced enough IT specialist could access the data and gain access to Jira, which would surely be dangerous.
    • Issue SYNC has advanced selective synchronisation options – thanks to that you can integrate issues with predefined categories, such as: priority, fields, comments, annexes… the possibilities are almost endless.
    • While other similar solutions offer only full automate integration, we have added the option of manual (or fixed) integration which guarantees that without personal user’s action no steps can be taken. That security-increasing option is dedicated especially for companies in which data safety is crucial.
    • Issue SYNC has a dashboard where you can see in “the big picture” perspective what amount of data is  being transformed between instances. It allows you to not only secure specific communication of users, but also the amount  of transformed data (here you can sum up the number of work commitment).
    • For the most demanding customers in the area of security we have equipped our ad-on with the option of passive synchronisation, in which the active Jira instance is sending and receiving information, but the passive one has no access to it . This  is currently the safest solution available on the market.

    PS. You can try Issue SYNC for free – by clicking the link. You can also  contact me directly, I (or one of our specialists) will happily prepare a demo for you.

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