5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Team Calendar at Your Organization

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25 January 2018 • 9 min read

    Are you using a personal calendar to manage events in your team? If you do, you probably know the shortcomings of this strategy.

    Most of the time, one person will need to follow several different calendars to keep track of everything going on in a team. It’s difficult for other people to add events and new team members need time to discover and subscribe to the calendar – people from other teams will have an even harder time doing that!

    You won’t have to deal with any of that if you set up a team calendar that will provide your team with a common space for tracking events like vacations, leaves, or project milestones. If you use project management software like Jira, you can create a team calendar easily by integrating your instance with another Atlassian product, Confluence.

    Here is why you should build a team calendar by connecting Confluence and Jira.

    • Your team will benefit from transparency

    Transparency and accountability are two critical traits you should foster in your team. Team calendars provide space for tracking Jira projects, events, and schedules of leave to help everyone learn what every team member is up to.

    It’s enough to embed a team calendar onto a Confluence page to synchronize the team schedule with the work that needs to be completed. Members will be able to subscribe to that calendar from their favorite personal calendars like Google calendar or Outlook.

    • Sharing calendars is easy

    How many times have you been asked whether someone is on leave today? You’re probably not able to track every single team member’s schedule so all that’s left is checking your organization’s HR system – and that can be pretty complex.

    Tracking a shared personal calendar won’t help you either. This way, you may never understand how absences will affect upcoming work. Team calendar allows scheduling everything in a single place. You’ll be able to spot schedule conflicts ahead of time and plan your work accordingly to ship the project within deadlines.

    You will never approach a deadline only to discover that a key stakeholder is leaving for holiday in Italy.

    • You can plan short- and long-term

    When planning your team activities on a calendar, you probably think of a month ahead of time. But sometimes it pays to zoom out and see the bigger picture. Other times, you should focus on a single week or even day.

    Thanks to four different calendar views (list, week, month, and timeline), you can track your team activities in micro and macro scales easily. Team calendar allows to see what you need and hides all that is irrelevant.

    • Everyone can see what’s happening in Jira

    At Deviniti, I run the marketing department and my team uses both Jira and Confluence to organize tasks.

    But many times, non-technical teams use only Confluence. Thanks to a team calendar, you’ll be able to show everything your technical teams are working on in Jira to those teams that can only access Confluence.

    You can display information about versions, issues, sprints, or other custom fields on the calendar for everyone to see. Plenty of teams that rely on Jira to track tasks and ship deliverables of their projects use Confluence as a tool for planning, collaborating, and executing tasks. That’s why it pays to integrate Confluence and Jira – here is an article about that.

    The idea behind the team calendar is the same – to make the most of features available in Confluence and Jira. A team calendar will surface everything that’s happening in Jira in a way that is understandable to users who are not accustomed to Jira interface.

    • Help your team see the bigger picture

    By embedding a team calendar on the Confluence page, you can share all the important dates and make sure that your team is aware of its short – and long-term goals. Ultimately, a team calendar will help your team see the bigger picture and the general common goal that informs tasks they perform every single day.

    This is one of the biggest advantages of a team calendar – that it is fully embedded within the context of your work. That’s why it allows you and your team to boost your roadmaps, enrich project plans, and improve team workflows. The work and schedule of your team are located side-by-side.

    Key takeaway

    Instead of struggling to keep track of tasks with various personal calendars, a team calendar will provide you and your team with one space for sharing information. Building a team calendar is the first step toward a greater transparency in your team as well – and that brings a lot of benefits.

    Have you got any questions about integrating Jira and Confluence, or setting up a team calendar for your team? Get in touch with one of our consultants – we are always ready to help organizations make the most of digital tools for project management.

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