Check if you know all Jira functionalities


10 June 2019 • 6 min read

    When using an application for a long time, we may not pay attention to new products that appear together with the updates. We stop at the basic functionalities that are sufficient for us and we fail to realize that these additional options can optimize our work.

    Jira users are no exception. They often remain at a very basic level of knowledge about the possibilities this software offers. It is true that it provides teams with so many functionalities that tracking all of them would be challenging. However, it is sometimes worth spending a moment on learning more about what Jira has to offer.

    Jira – not only for IT teams

    Some people aren’t aware that Jira isn’t used exclusively by software development companies and other technology organizations, but also by financial departments, the health sector, and marketing department. Each of these branches uses Jira in a unique way, often using dedicated extensions to match their needs.

    Jira Service Desk

    One of Jira’s underestimated functionalities is Jira Service Desk, which could certainly benefit the HR department as well as administration and finance. This is a place where employees can submit holidays, apply for benefits, or indicate the need for equipment. It facilitates and speeds up the work of HR departments and is convenient for both parties.

    Collect feedback – Issue Collector

    Another feature on my list is the Issue Collector, which allows to easily collect feedback on your website. After clicking on the “trigger” located within the edge, a field appears where you can save your comments. After sending such a notification in Jira, a new task appears containing the remark. It’s a convenient solution if the site is in the development or testing phase and we want to collect opinions about it. The software is also useful for collecting leads.

    CRM implementation in Jira

    It’s also possible to create a functionality from scratch in Jira for your company. An example of that is the CRM system, which can be used by the sales department. Such a system looks like a Kanban board. The center of the board is occupied by projects related to service offers that have been accepted by clients. On the right hand side, users can see all the completed projects and orders that should be invoiced. Such a transparent view of project tasks allows teams to work more efficiently.

    Connect several Jira applications together

    If you have more than one Jira instance and you need to connect them to improve communication, you can find a functionality that helps to achieve that. Actually, we can make that work in two ways: the first is the Jira Federation, i.e. linking two applications. However, this is not a sufficient solution because the synchronization between projects is not automatic. That’s where the second method comes in: the IssueSYNC app available on the marketplace.

    These are just a few functionalities of Jira. In fact, the tool has about 3 thousand other functionalities: apps that you can install in Jira to extend its capabilities. Thanks to them, we can discover further opportunities and help teams work more efficiently on the project.

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