Why you should carry out analytical workshops before implementing Atlassian tools


15 October 2019 • 12 min read

    There’s no denying that Atlassian’s suite of tools can bring immense benefits to organizations. In a scenario where an organization needs to adjust these products to their needs, as opposed to implementing an off-the-shelf solution, it usually makes more sense to carry out a business analysis through a special analytical workshop.

    Read this article to see why analytical workshops are so important to the final quality of bespoke Atlassian tools implementation.

    Let’s start from the beginning.

    What is business analysis and why is it so crucial in the daily work of companies?

    The International Institute of Business Analysis defines business analysis as the practice of enabling change in an organizational context by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.

    This sentence captures the essence of what our Atlassian Services team of consultants does on a day to day basis to help our customers increase their operational efficiency and drive growth.

    Here’s what our team does to position our clients for success:

    Enabling change

    Our team mostly works on projects which we understand as temporary endeavors geared at creating something new.

    Regardless of their size, our projects enable change in organizations. For example, we help our clients in tasks like reconditioning the multinational financial operations, creating a new report, or implementing a new feature in an IT system. The foundation for enabling all these changes is the Atlassian tools our team uses.

    Defining business needs

    Every project starts because someone in the company decides that the status quo

    isn’t good enough or notices that the organization is losing money or customers because of an internal inefficiency.

    Perhaps the company has gaps in its product offerings. Maybe there’s a new law regulation to which the company needs to adapt. That’s usually when such big-picture business needs are identified.

    The company simply has to address them, sooner or later. And resolving a problem is next to impossible if we don’t understand it in detail. That’s where our team comes in. It helps organizations find the best solution. Our experts spend a lot of time talking to people both inside and outside organizations. That’s how they can understand what the real needs of an organization are and how to address them.

    Recommending solutions

    Once the business needs are well-described and understood, our team proceeds to the next step: offering a solution to the problem.

    Sometimes that new solution is a new system or system feature. Other times, it’s a new business process or business policy. Or we end up having to provide specific training to our Customers. But most of the time, it’s a combination of all these things.

    Based on the international class of Atlassian tools, our new solutions often impact the management and employees in various departments. We need to deliver value to multiple target groups – that’s our real mission.

    We don’t want to come up with just any solution. We come up with the best possible solution that benefits our clients most.

    Here’s why business analysis is so important

    Analytical workshops are important in projects that introduce new solutions. We’ll show you why by using a counter-example.

    Here’s a situation where the business analysis is removed as a step in the development of a modern organization.

    First, what happens if an organization is not actively enabling change?

    The obvious answer is that it will remain the same. But that’s not true. Businesses face constant change. Some of it is driven internally – like improving interactions with customers, but many change factors are external. There can be, for example, new regulation being passed, customers demanding a new service, or a sudden drop in sales — every time the company needs to understand what’s happening to address it.

    If the organization isn’t actively enabling change:

    • It will inevitably stagnate
    • It may lose its customers
    • Its costs may skyrocket
    • And revenues drop
    • Eventually, an organization that refuses to change can even go out of business

    What happens if a company doesn’t understand its business needs?

    Usually, organizations that fail to enable change are the ones also fail to understand their needs. They make random moves while trying to solve their problems, and they never really get anywhere. Sometimes we encounter situations where a company pays insufficient attention to identifying its needs. That results in employees coming up with many creative solutions that don’t solve the real underlying problem.

    What happens when a company selects incorrect solutions for implementation?

    The organization might know that it wants to increase sales and reduce costs. But then it needs to find ways to accomplish these goals. And if the company doesn’t identify the right solutions, its real needs will never be met. Such actions lead to some level of business failure.

    What if those solutions fail to meet the needs of its stakeholders?

    Let’s imagine a company that understands its needs and has an appropriate solution. Perhaps it didn’t give enough thought to the solution? Maybe it forgot about the needs of some key stakeholders? While the solution might work for some, it might not work for all stakeholders. And might lead to serious financial issues.


    The above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value of business analysis to IT implementations. We have a long list of reasons why analysis is key to driving change in companies. Just consider what can happen when organizations fail to carry out change or do it poorly. The value of professionally performed business analysis is indescribable.

    In our experience, conducting business analysis is the key to success, especially for large-scale projects in enterprises. With our analytical workshops and the help of our experienced consultants, you can be sure to get it right the first time.

    Are you looking for a team of experts to jump-start change at your organization? Get in touch with us; we have extensive experience proven by a high number of successfully completed projects.

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