Everything You Need to Know About Jira Service Desk


13 November 2017 • 11 min read

    It leaves no room for doubt that contemporary business is customer-oriented. Nowadays, organizations are constantly striving to release new products that aim to solve customer problems better than their competitors.

    While clean code and user-friendly interface are important when it comes to selling software products, customers might still have doubts about their configuration or usage. Plus, every software application has bugs and it’s in your interest to set up a platform for customers where they can report errors easily.

    That’s why so many companies are now using tools that allow IT teams to handle customer requests or support tickets for smooth communication with external clients.

    One of such tools is Jira Service Desk from Atlassian, today used by over 20,000 teams around the world to manage customer support.

    The idea behind the product is to enable non-technical users to easily communicate with organization employees who have technical knowledge and are able to help.

    Thanks to its range of practical functionalities and intuitive interface, Jira Service Desk is an excellent tool for improving the response time of any support team and implementation of changes related to problems reported by users.

    In this article, I will show you:

    • Why creating a great customer support platform is key for business success;
    • How Jira Service Desk helps organizations to manage their support;
    • The essential features of Jira Service Desk that make customer support so easy.

    Why Customer Support Matters?

    Businesses that want to make it on today’s difficult market needs to learn how to listen carefully to customer needs and preferences.

    By translating this insight into technical solutions and updates, organizations will create products that perfectly fit the scope of the market and offer users efficient solutions to their problems.

    It’s not enough to have a great IT product, you need amazing customer support as well.

    Consider that a customer support team is the first point of contact between customers and organizations. That’s why your support team needs to be able to respond quickly to questions, be competent and diligent, and keep deadlines.

    Taking care of your customers is a smart move, and Jira Service Desk had all it takes to provide an amazing customer service.

    Key Features of Jira Service Desk

    With Jira Service Desk, your support team will be able to:

    • Create a Customer Portal to help customers raise requests easily;
    • Manage requests that take the form of Jira issues and retain critical Jira functionalities;
    • Benefit from different types of workflows that show to teams how they should proceed in solving problems clearly;
    • Use automation features to resolve requests faster;
    • See all information on a customizable dashboard (including an activity stream, a chart displaying recently created requests, created vs. resolved issues chart, and many more);
    • Make the most of reporting features (including workload, satisfaction and SLA goals metrics);
    • View requests in clear queues (one look is enough to learn where teams stand when it comes to request completion and the selection helps to see the right issues at the right time);
    • Support unlimited number of customers – you only need to pay for the number of active agents;
    • Support teams will be notified with a critical issue comes up thanks to a new integration with HipChat – you can be sure that no issue will be missed;
    • You’ll be able to connect Service Desk requests with Jira Software issues to keep IT support and developers connected – Jira Service Desk in an optimal DevOps solution.

    Why Is the Customer Portal So Important?

    The Customer Portal is a platform that improves communication between vendors and customers.

    Jira Service Desk enables support teams to create a Customer Portal for users – a space where they can reports tickets on a clear and intuitive interface.

    Imagine that one of your customers wants to report a problem. There are two ways in which they can do that: by email, or by reporting an issue with the use of the Customer Portal.

    So what is the Customer Portal so much more efficient than email? Because:

    • Your team will be able to give customers instant answers,
    • You’ll be able to integrate the Customer Portal with your Jira instance and resolve problems quickly,
    • You’ll manage all your service requests in a single place,
    • Customers will be able to create and follow their issues on one platform.

    Efficient Setup and Configuration for Your Team

    Another critical advantage of Jira Service Desk is that it is very easy to set up and your support team will be able to start using it immediately. Moreover, the platform is incredibly flexible and will adapt to any changes in your process designed to deal with incoming requests.

    The platform’s integration with Jira Software renders it a top choice for managers who are interested in implementing DevOps at their organization to enable smooth collaboration between technical and non-technical teams.

    Key Takeaway

    Jira Service Desk is a powerful business tool in today’s customer-oriented economy. The communication between organizations and their customers has never been more important and companies need tools that help to manage that communication efficiently.

    So if you’re looking for a platform to organize the work of your support team, Jira Service Desk is a great pick. Interested to know more? Get in touch with me if you’d like to learn how Jira Service Desk can revolutionize your support customer support.

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