Make the most of Jira


3 June 2019 • 7 min read

    Jira is one of the most popular tools for creating, planning, and publishing software. The application is most often used by software development companies and larger enterprises. It satisfies both their design and business needs. The key reason behind the popularity of Jira is its user-friendly and functional interface that can be configured to match individual needs.

    The biggest advantage of the software is the ability to track errors and analyze many charts of work efficiency. However, three values ​​deserve special attention, which can be obtained using Jira. It is improving communication, increasing security and saving money. They are universal and are the most important for every company and team.

    Improving communication

    Users choose Jira because it facilitates communication between team members realizing a project. For more on how to effectively communicate using Jira, read this article: 4 ways to improve communication in a project using Jira. The most important feature is that thanks to this program, the entire team has access to a constant flow of information and everyone is informed  about any changes on a regular basis.

    Increased security

    Another feature of Jira which is another reason behind its popularity, is the security provided by Jira. Thanks to a flexible security system, administrators can configure user access and decide which specific data will be displayed and which ones will remain hidden. In addition, there are four levels of security in Jira:

    1. Global permissions – they offer access to the entire application.
    2. Project permissions – they allow viewing the project. These are complex permissions that help administrators to assign users different rights, including who can see, edit or create tasks on the project.
    3. Issue security – Jira allows setting various security schemes that block the visibility of certain issues within the project.
    4. Securing report information selectively depending on the user role – these are mostly fields, but there may also be bookmarks such as the history of applications. This level of security is most often implemented by customization. However, what we can achieve here is the ability to control the visibility of comments.

    All these improvements make Jira into a tool where data storage is secure. This also applies when working with an external customer, where the threat of information leakage is at its highest. This is a sensitive situation, because apart from the loss of data, we may also expose ourselves to their leakage or other legal consequences.

    When cooperating with the client, Jira offers several smart solutions. One of them is separating one instance of Jira to ensure the safety of its users. This process enables teams to cooperate with the client on a separated application and avoid keep confidential data on the instance to which the client has access.

    Another solution that Jira provides is the ability to synchronize the software with the client’s application. Teams can achieve this thanks to the IssueSYNC app. After installing this app, you don’t need to grant external access to your Jira instance. We can instead choose which data we want to send and synchronize it so that the two parties communicate on a regular basis.

    Saving money

    The last reason why users choose this software is saving money. If you haven’t used any such programs so far, buying Jira is an expense. But the way it helps to optimize the work of your team can bring significant savings. A clear flow of information and proper analysis of work helps your team save time.

    In addition, not everyone knows that Jira is used by the finance department to optimize its work. Thanks to various additions, the software allows managing costs and scheduling in real time. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to track and forecast finances.

    These are just a few advantages of Jira. Make the most Jira’s functionality and test the solutions we propose.

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