Multilingual service desk – a key to global business

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19 December 2017 • 10 min read

    XXI century business is considerably different from what it used to be several decades ago. Nowadays, entrepreneurs with international businesses emphasise on their companies online presence to easily connect with their global customers. Even though the technological progress has facilitated contact between people, it also ignited the need for constant learning of new skills and technologies, as well as the need for immediate support in case of any problems. Because of this, one of the most desired skills among international businesses is fluency in multiple languages. So why providing multilingual support can be such a challenge? 

    Challenges of international customer support

    Challenges of international customer support

    According to HDI, broad range of customers from all around the world to service made support in multiple languages a priority for 71,5% of organizations. However, to provide multilingual support, we need to face a few challenges, including the costs of attracting the qualified staff fluent in multiple languages and keeping them in the company. Understandably, when we provide an international service desk, it can be hard to cover all languages and time zones, however, that’s one of the challenges that we can easily overcome.

    Moreover, international service desk requires regular quality controls around the non-primary languages. Otherwise, it may create inconsistency in the customer’s experience with the business. That’s probably one of the reasons why some of the companies just can’t find any solution to provide a multilingual support.

    These challenges may cause a lot of misunderstandings which are difficult to solve and may pile up rapidlyThis is why support teams spend a lot of time on seemingly trivial issues – sometimes it’s difficult for them to figure out what your customers mean. It may be the main reason why the company isn’t growing as fast as it could.

    Jira Service Desk as international helpdesk

    A recent report from Microsoft shows that over 97% of the customers will choose the organization or stay loyal to it basing on their customer service. Meaning that already when choosing service desk software, we need to have in mind what are the chances of providing the best international service desk experience. That’s why if we’re able to support customers in their native tongues, we’ll experience a boost in customer satisfaction, as well as improvement in request resolution rate and increase of first contact resolutions.

    Jira Service Desk is one of the most popular ITSM tools. Apart from easy request management and self-service, it enables translating the Customer Portal and support in multiple language natively, but only for Cloud instances. We can do the same on Server, however the translations will be incomplete. So, during the Customer Portal customization, which is a must for a great customer experience with our support, we should also use additional app to translate custom content.

    Translate Jira Service Desk to multiple languages

    Translate Jira Service Desk to multiple languages

    With Translation for Jira Service Desk we can have a multilingual service desk, allow users to change the language of the Customer Portal, and add translation in any language supported by Jira. Because Jira allows renaming fields on the Customer Portal, the app doesn’t provide any language pack so we need to set each translation on our own. But there’s nothing to worry about, because the whole process is much easier than we can imagine. Just have a look at this article with the full guide on translating Jira Service Desk Server.

    Thanks to the app, we can elevate our customer service to a higher level. The Customer Portal is going to be understandable even for people from any country your customers may ever come from. Let’s suppose that our company is from the USA and sells some IT solutions to a German or Austrian company. It would be awesome if the customers saw the Customer Portal in their native language, wouldn’t it? Thanks to Translation for Jira Service Desk, we can translate the content of the Customer Portal to German, including:

    • groups of request types,
    • request types,
    • descriptions of request types,
    • fields (and fields’ help),
    • SLAs,
    • summaries (using post function),
    • help center name,
    • welcome message.

    Moreover, our customers will be able to choose the desired language very easily by using language switcher.

    jira service desk translation language switcher

    The app, will help us minimize the language barrier between us and our international customers, as well as we’ll be able to translate the content on the Customer Portal. Also, the support team will be able to sort out any issues easier, faster and more efficiently. Most importantly, we’ll be able to grow considerably faster than ever before.

    If you’d like to learn more about Translation for Jira Service Desk, take a free 30-day trial from the Atlassian Marketplace. You can also book a live demo via Calendly, if you’d like to see the app in action, or read more on the subject:

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