Top 5 Reasons to Sync Trello with Jira

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4 January 2018 • 9 min read

    During the last couple of years, we have seen Trello practically explode on the market. The tool provided something many teams were looking for – a simple interface combined with maximum functionality. When we noticed many organisations (including the likes of Adobe Systems, Pixar and Google) choosing Trello as the collaboration tool for their teams, it became clear to us that these companies could need a solution to help them synchronize data between their Trello boards and Jira instances. So we developed Trello Sync for Jira, and here are the top 5 reasons why you may consider using it.

    Create public project roadmaps

    In many companies, product development is usually tracked in Jira. But what if other teams need to know the project roadmap to get everything right? If your company is big enough, then creating Jira accounts only for that purpose is not an optimal solution, because this way you can run out of available licenses quickly. In such cases Trello is used, which is much friendlier for non-technical users. With this tool you can create a dedicated board with an outgoing synchronization setup to share all the critical information about your project. You can be 100% sure that the users will be able to navigate there with minimum support from your side, because Trello is a visually attractive and customizable way to show the project’s progress and results.

    Trello Sync for Jira use case - create project roadmaps

    Publish product news and company portfolio

    Do you offer a wide variety of products and want to get rid of mailing your users every time you release something new? Set up a Trello board instead! You can keep it public or restrict access only to a certain mailing list. This is also handy when it comes to showing up with a well-structured and good-looking portfolio which updates itself on time. Simply share a link with potential customers where they can see everything up-to-date on a user-friendly interface at any given time. So this way you will also strip down your clients’ mailboxes, and they would appreciate it!

    Connect different teams into a single workflow

    Does your Marketing Department prefer using Trello to manage their projects, while the development team don’t find it as useful as Jira? Thanks to the two-way synchronization feature, you can synchronize tasks in both directions at the same time! It won’t matter whether a team works on Jira or Trello boards – all users located on both platforms will be able to see the relevant updates made on both sides. No worries about labels or attachments in Trello – they will be copied to Jira issues, too.

    Trello Sync for Jira use case: connect teams in a single workflow

    Receive more feature requests

    Would you like to get feature requests from non-technical users or stakeholders of your product without your support team having to perform long Skype calls? All you need is to establish a Trello board and set up your Service Desk to receive data from it. The requests will instantly appear in Jira as issues, so your support team will handle them the way they’re used to. At the same time the users will feel it’s kind of easier to submit a request, which can result in more of them.

    Share your project status

    With the same setting you can also share the status of your project to the stakeholders who already use Trello. Instead of wasting time on explaining how Jira works, you can integrate the two platforms and offer access to all the needed information in an environment which is natural for them.

    Trello Sync for Jira use case: share project status

    As we see, the Trello Sync app helps companies that use Trello and Jira to make the most out of both programs for their workflow management and performance. The unquestionable benefit from using this software synced together is that you don’t come out of Atlassian ecosystem. Therefore, you don’t need any additional tools to show your portfolio or backlog to your clients, which results in less effort and time to copy data, and also less money spent for that purpose.

    Integrate the two worlds, business and development, with one app: Trello Sync for Jira!


    Remember that Jira tasks and Trello cards created after the trial expires won’t synchronize anymore. You need to purchase the full license to ensure the app’s continuous use. The Trello cards created before installing Trello Sync are unable to get synchronized anyway.

    If you’d like to learn more about Trello Sync for Jira, take a free 30-day trial from the Atlassian Marketplace. You can also book a live demo via Calendly, if you’d like to see the app in action, or read more on the subject:

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