Your team needs these Jira apps in 2018

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27 August 2018 • 10 min read

    Even if we’re nearing the last quarter of the year, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the lookout for tools that help boost the productivity of your team. Here’s a list of Jira tools smart organizations will be implementing or have already done so this year.

    Structure for Jira – Projects at Scale

    This is a smart app that helps to visualize, track, and manage progress across all Jira projects in teams. Teams can use this app to organize issues with the help of multilevel arrangements and hierarchies – it offers user-defined issue hierarchies visualized on the spreadsheet-like view of Jira issues.  

    Moreover, the tool comes in handy to organizations that carry out many projects and have multiple teams working on them. Using Structure for Jira, they can visualize relationships between issues, multiple agile projects, and linked issues. As a result, it’s easy to see the aggregated progress, time, and project-related data.

    With the help of filtering, sorting, and grouping rules, teams can build dynamic structures that update in real time as they work on issues. Structure for Jira is a must have for organizations working on large-scale projects that need to keep an eye on their progress. Also, make sure to check out Structure.Gannt – Planning at Scale. This tool is perfect if you want to visualize dependencies and timeline in large-scale projects.

    Smart Checklist for Jira. Enterprise

    Smart Checklist is an app that helps teams manage recurring software development processes and other types of procedures. For example, users can take advantage of a full-screen editor to create long checklists and then split them into groups with headlines for clarity. Each list item can be further enriched with details.

    All it takes is copying and pasting this list and sharing it with colleagues for more transparency. Moreover, as you review the checklist you can change an item’s status to in progress, in review, or done. That way you’ll understand the general level of issue completion better by accessing the board card view.

    Finally, teams can create their own definitions of done or onboarding procedure templates and use them across all tickets in the project. All in all, Smart Checklist is far more than a tool that allows creating a to-do list as users can establish acceptance criteria and definition of done.

    Automation for Jira

    Automation is the dream of every project manager. If you’re looking for a tool that allows automating your team’s tasks in Jira, Automation for Jira is a right pick. By automating tasks, you get to save time and stress involved in making things in Jira manually.

    And the best thing is that you won’t even have to create custom scripts or learn APIs. This user-friendly tool allows configuring Jira’s powerful automation rules in a special visual rule builder.

    Users of the tool are basically provided with simple building blocks which they can put together to create endless combinations of rules that fit different scenarios and come in handy in different use cases.

    Better Excel Plugin for Jira

    Jira has built-in Excel and CSV export features, but they might not be enough to match the requirements of your team and project. Instead, by using this tool you can create real Excel files in XLSX format that are compatible with Microsoft Office, Apple Numbers, Google Spreadsheets, and Open Libre Office.

    Teams using that tool can take advantage of the data types, formatting, cell attributes, functions, charts, formulas, pivot tables, Visual Basic, and many other Excel features that they are used to. By equipping your team with Better Excel Plugin, you’ll boost Jira’s reporting capabilities and help team members integrate Jira content with external databases and apps.

    Issue Templates

    If your team deals with recurring issues, you can help them avoid the frustration that comes with creating hundreds of similar issues thanks to one simple tool: templates. Templates help teams work smarter, better, and faster.

    Issue Templates is an app for creating flexible templates for Jira issues.  The tool includes an autocomplete function that completes an issues field from a selected template automatically. You can also copy values upon workflow transitions with a dedicated post function.

    Users can copy auto filled subtasks to their issues or even create epics with all the stories already attached. Moreover, templates can be customized with both static and dynamic variables, providing optimal value for your team.

    I strongly recommend all of these apps because they make the work of every team more streamlined and smoother, allowing team members to save up time on recurring tasks and instead focus on things that really matter.

    Do you know any other apps that come in handy to teams? Share them in comments to help everyone learn more about the amazing software available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

    And if you’ve got any questions about implementing and configuring apps in your Jira instance, feel free to reach out to me at, I’m always happy to help organizations make the most of their Jira instances.

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