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Gitlab and Deviniti – journey to the long-term partnership

At Deviniti we believe in the power of long-term partnerships. See how many years of effective cooperation result in a number of benefits for everyone.

Martyna Wiśnik

9 June 2021 • 19 min read


Pros and cons of hosting CI/CD tools in the cloud

Every company that deals with software development sooner or later needs to make some choices about its IT infrastructure. Research shows that cloud infrastructure is becoming more and more popular on the market – as many as 72% of enterprises in the world used it 5 years ago, and in 2018, cloud systems were implemented […]

Magdalena Korgul

30 October 2020 • 20 min read


Bitbucket vs. GitLab – which one is better for repo management? 

Originally published September 24, 2019, updated December 22, 2020 Every development team knows the value of a quality repository management solution. It’s a critical component of collaborative software development. Repository management services allow software developers to manage changes to the source code and its related files, creating and maintaining multiple versions in one central location. Such […]

Boguslaw Osuch

24 September 2019 • 19 min read


GitLab in software development – part 2: Code Review

First Commit GitLab allows placing the number of the relevant application already in the description of the commit. That enables us to create a connection between two stages of the software development process: the declaration itself and the commit with an assigned application. If the application and code are in the same project, you can […]

Radoslaw Kosiec

5 August 2019 • 12 min read


GitLab in software development – part 1: Workflow

The entire software development cycle in one place GitLab is a repository manager based on Git architecture, as well as a powerful tool for software development. Offering a user-friendly interface, GitLab enables efficient work – both using the command line and the UI itself. GitLab is very helpful for developers but also other team members, […]

Radoslaw Kosiec

29 July 2019 • 12 min read


Why switching to a paid GitLab package is worth it

GitLab currently offers two versions of its free system and six of the paid one – cloud-based or installed on the company servers. In this article, we explain exactly how the free version of GitLab differs from the first paid version of GitLab (bronze / starter), which costs only $4 per month, per user. You […]

Radoslaw Kosiec

18 June 2019 • 9 min read


Auto DevOps with GitLab

  The new version of GitLab 11 consumes less memory, works faster and speeds up the development process significantly. It is a convenient tool for implementing projects based on DevOps best practices. It gives teams the possibility of full and automatic control over the entire creation process. As I mentioned in the previous article, the […]

Armin Orlik

9 May 2019 • 17 min read