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Requirements management in Jira 101: the basics

Successful software development actually starts long before the team starts coding. The first phase of the process should be gathering requirements, as most defects result from misunderstandings at the beginning of the project. When more and more people decide on the Agile project management approach, it’s essential to think through the requirements thoroughly. Whichever form of requirements we choose, they’ll affect the work of everyone […]

Katarzyna Kornaga

29 October 2019 • 31 min read

Agile & DevOps

Your project management methodology vs. requirements documentation

Updated on July 11th, 2021, by Magdalena Korgul There are a few software development models, and each has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: whichever one you choose, it will influence your requirements management as well as other parts of the development. To begin with, requirements represent an early phase of the process, […]

Katarzyna Kornaga

31 May 2019 • 20 min read

Requirements Management

Test Management in Jira 101: the basics

This article was updated on February 2, 2021 by Magdalena Korgul, Content Specialist at Deviniti. Software development is a complicated activity that consists of many different stages, one of which is test management. Nowadays companies constantly improve their testing processes, having in mind the quality assurance of their final product. As the field is constantly growing, there […]

Marcin Żurawiecki

21 January 2019 • 25 min read


5 reasons your project needs software requirements specification

Agile Manifesto’s fourth principle values the ability to respond to change over following a plan. But it doesn’t mean you can give up on any planning whatsoever and simply go with the flow. Instead, you need to ensure you have consistent requirements for your project gathered in one place, documented, structured, and taken into account […]

Dzmitry Hryb

27 September 2018 • 16 min read


Requirements management: 6 best practices

Updated on June 10th, 2021 Even if you launch your project with a complete set of requirements, expect changes to crop up once the project is up and running. Depending on which project management model you choose, adding, modifying, or removing requirements after you start can be quite costly and time-consuming. That’s why you need […]

Krzysztof Skoropada

30 January 2018 • 22 min read