Jira Day is back! See what we are planning for the 2021 Remote Edition

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18 February 2021 • 8 min read

    At the beginning of 2020, when nearly all aspects of our lives had to be moved online, there was only one option to meet with all the experts and Jira enthusiasts – take off with Jira Day – Remote Edition! This was our 8th Jira Day event, but the first-ever fully remote. Despite all the challenges, these four days abounded with training sessions, absorbing expert talks, and 11 engaging AMA sessions.

    This year, we’ll be shooting for the stars once again. We’ll meet remotely from the 25th till the 27th of May. What can you expect? 3 days filled with lectures given by the professionals working with the Atlassian Ecosystem products for years, as well as a unique space for knowledge and experience exchange. Task yourself for Jira Day 2021 – Remote Edition!

    Jira Day – what is it all about?

    We’ve launched Jira Day for the first time in 2012. The year that marked the end of the Mayan calendar – and a speculated Apocalypse – turned out to be the beginning of a unique event for the Atlassian community, and the largest Atlassian-related conference in Central Europe.

    When we lift off with organizing Jira Day, the main idea behind it was to create a space where all the Jira enthusiasts can meet, exchange experiences, come up with new ideas, and make new valuable contacts. 

    Here are just a couple of topics that we’ve discussed during all the Jira Day editions:

    • changes in Jira Software and how to improve our work processes by using them,
    • use cases of customizing Jira in companies of different sizes and profiles,
    • tactics that will enhance the team’s collaboration,
    • scaling Atlassian solutions,
    • the possibilities behind customizing Jira Service Management (formerly: Jira Service Desk),
    • machine-learning opportunities within Jira,
    • managing customer success across multiple distributed teams,
    • Jira Service Management, Confluence, Jira Software, plugins, and many more.

    The goal that we all had in mind was not to organize another conference. We wanted it to be a diverse event that would bring all the Atlassian Ecosystem enthusiasts together; a creative space where we can share our discoveries, meet during one-on-one sessions, listen to keynote speeches and smaller presentations. Participants’ opinions after consecutive editions of the event speak for themselves: attendees appreciate Jira Day for its unique atmosphere and the opportunity to spend quality time among other Atlassian tools’ users.

    The conference was amazing! It was very well organized and lead. It was engaging, interesting, and enjoyable – especially thanks to the sense of humor, light yet firm in its approach and great moderation! It was a good platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and learning – The participant of Jira Day 2020 Remote Edition

    Here, you can read more about Jira Day 2020 cosmic journey highlights.

    Jira Day 2021 – Task yourself! What can you expect?

    We’re organizing Jira Day for the 9th time. But this year will be different. As we all know, remote conferences and events will stay with us for some time. Last year’s experience taught us a lot and we’re certain that the online edition of Jira Day can be at least as much, as if not more, engaging and exciting for participants, as an on-site event.

    What do we have up our sleeves? It wouldn’t be possible to distance ourselves from the current situation, that’s why we’ll talk about the companies’ ability to adapt to change. How to speed up the decision-making process, extend enterprise agility, and what’s Atlassian’s role in helping companies achieve that.

    There will be also plenty of room for technical speeches. Advanced Jira users certainly won’t get bored, as they’ll have the chance to discover how to avoid common mistakes in extensive Jira configuration. On top of that, our speakers will share the secret of creating spotless workflows concepts in Jira to achieve process streamlining in self-service and automation in interfacing with manual processing tasks.

    If you’d like to get to stay in the loop with or Jira Day news and information, follow our blog and social media, where we’ll post the latest news about the event.

    Join us during this year’s Jira Day remote edition! Learn more here.

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