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22 March 2021 • 29 min read

    Join the IT conference 2021 calendar and choose from events on topics spanning thought leadership, products and solutions, technical demos and deep dives, as well as customer stories. As an answer to COVID-19 times, the conference industry develops its hybrid concept. So, it’s up to you whether to “attend” the event either on-site or online from your home or office. Pin this calendar and stay tuned with many industry leaders in this year’s speaker lineup.


    March is calling all those who are shaping the future, building the next generation in ITSM and DevOps.

    Date: March 23-24th, 2021
    Event: International Service Management Days

    This event aims to reach service management professionals worldwide and bring them content from any service management framework. The free events will follow the sun over two days, and participants may view the international content at any time or on-demand. As you can imagine, creating a global conference is challenging due to the “follow the sun” nature of the event. There will be a 10 AM keynote in 4 areas of the globe: NY, London, Sydney, and Bangalore, which translates to two “prime time” keynotes in most areas. Breakout tracks will be held at designated times for these locations.

    Date: March 25th, 2021
    Event: Google CloudBorn-Digital Summit

    Google Cloud Born-Digital Summit is for all those who are creating the next generation of applications in the Cloud. This conference brings together technology leaders at startups and large-scale companies from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to inspire your approach to data, architecture, inclusion, and growth. There will be three different sections within a day. They are the Data Track, The Architecture track, and The Customer Track. Make sure you’ve found the theme you want to watch. It’s a completely virtual event. Pay attention that just a few days are left before the event. 

    Date: March 24-25th, 2022
    Event: DevOps Talks Conference (DOTC)

    DevOps Talks Conference (DOTC) brings together DevOps leaders, engineers, and architects who are implementing DevOps principles and practices in Start-Ups and in Leading Enterprise companies. The conference is created as a hub for all involved parties in DevOps practices and transformations, Advanced Architecture implementations, and Tool development. Experienced and respected speakers from around the world will present, explore, and challenge current technologies, strategies, and cultural change for the wider DevOps community. The offline IT conference will take place in Melbourne, Australia in 2022.


    One of April’s joy is to join developers, creators, and innovators across every industry lively or online in London, England, or Melbourne, Australia.

    Date: April 20-23th, 2021
    Event: DevOpsCon London Hybrid 2021

    Thanks to the innovative program and the numerous networking opportunities, the upcoming DevOpsCon London will provide the ideal framework for your continuing education. Whether on-site in London or digitally – the choice is yours! At the conference 2021, you’ll learn more about Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Containers, Clouds, and Lean Business. 

    Date: April 28-30th, 2021
    Event: Atlassian’s vision for Team 2021

    Formerly known as Atlassian Summit, Team 2021 is a flagship event and the premier conference for modern teamwork. There you’ll explore the intersectionality of teamwork, humanity, and tech, and share new ways to unleash your team’s full potential. Better teams start with being better teammates. Created for teams, by teams.


    Date: May 25-27th, 2021
    Event: Jira Day 2021

    The 9th edition of Jira Day 2021 and the 2nd edition of its remote format is a worldwide IT conference that welcomes Atlassian Ecosystem speakers from America and Europe to share best practices and innovations in a fun and engaging environment. Atlassian software enthusiasts from all over the world gather together to acquire new skills and develop strategies, to connect and expand their professional network! 

    In light of recent events, Deviniti has morphed the popular Jira Day conference into a fully virtual experience! From the comfort of your own digital device, you will have access to all of the same great content and experts you have come to expect from Jira Day 2021. The event will be held on a Meeting Application platform as well as on a Jira Day phone application. 

    Conference highlights

    Jira Day 2021 will take three days filled with concurrent sessions covering major issues and solutions in categories such as PMO, QA, Confluence, Security, Migrations, Integrations, Automation, ITSM, Reporting, Applications. Every day there will be two simultaneous rooms for in-depth full-day presentations and live virtual discussion sessions that focus on your area of interest. Explore Jira Day 2021 agenda and see when Josh Frank, an Atlassian leader from San Francisco, shares information on solving agility in the enterprise; Kelly Drozd, a product marketer at Atlassian, talks about unlocking the power of agile. On the second conference day, Abyakta Lenka, an Atlassian Solution expert from San Francisco, invites you to talk about migrating confluence and Jira from Oracle to the Azure SQL database. 

    Except for the fact that Jira Day will certainly be productive and effective, it’ll also bring fun and excitement. Jira quiz, competitions, and charity campaigns will take place during the event. Under the terms of the bidding action, the winners will undergo real-time virtual training with Jira, an instance audit with a report, or a four-hour package of expert consultations. All money from the competition will go to charity.

    Last year 2,821 participants joined us virtually. Have a look at what they say about the event in 2020!

    ‘The conference was amazing! It was very well organized and led. It was engaging, interesting, and enjoyable – especially thanks to the sense of humor, light yet firm in its approach and great moderation! It was a good platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and learning.’

    The participant of Jira Day 2020 Remote Edition

    Stay tuned to know when registration is open and get updates straight to your inbox

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    Date: June 7-11th, 2021
    Event: The Agile + DevOps Virtual Experience

    This is a fully virtual event that will help you accelerate your software delivery with the power of Agile and DevOps.  The conference will be streaming over 75 talks, 20+ tutorials, 40+ sessions, and 10+ Industry Technical Presentations all in an engaging and interactive premium virtual atmosphere. Conference highlights are live virtual training and certification classes, recognized thought-leaders, the expo, bringing you the latest in software development solutions, and a full day to explore unique challenges at the Agile Leadership Summit.

    Date: June 22nd / July 27th / August 31st, 2021
    Event: 2021 NATIONAL CONFERENCE – VIRTUAL Together Towards Tomorrow

    The AIPM Meeting Tomorrow Together conference will focus on project management strategy and what effective and innovative skills and competencies will be required for staff in the next decade. It will last for three days. Each day will be devoted to a different topic.
    June 22, 2021: Infrastructure and Transformation
    July 27, 2021: Disaster Recovery and Resilience
    August 31, 2021: resilience and adaptability

    Date: June 24-25th, 2021 
    Event: Project Management in Practice Conference

    This year the event will focus on the leadership of Change and Project value and Agile Project Management. A star-studded array of international speakers such as Dr. Barbara Trautlein, the author of the best-selling book ‘Change Intelligence:  Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks’, Carlos Eduardo Martins Serra, a project supervisor for the Masters in Program and Project Management of the University of Warwick, who has been working in Project Management since 1999, and many others. The format is changed to allow for more networking and discussions in breakout rooms. There will be special sessions to bring you to speed on the new Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide and the new Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.


    Date: July 8th, 2021
    Event: Service Desk Best Practice

    Improving the efficiency and quality of IT services using automation has fast become a significant focus for organizations. Recent SDI research shows that 79% of service desk professionals say their attention is focused on developing automation of processes, tasks, and ticket handling, while 65% of service desks expect to be investing in some form of the virtual agent, chatbot, or AI technologies over the next two years.

    Service Desk Institute regularly holds audits of some of the best service desks in the world. There are 9 key concepts to measure them. During the event, high-performing service desk teams will share their experience.

    Date: July 19-22nd, 2021

    Event: Agile2021 Conference

    Agile Alliance’s annual conference is dedicated to exploring, innovating, and advancing Agile values and principles, and creating a space for people and ideas to flourish. The conference brings Agile communities together year after year to share experiences and make new connections. The program schedule is using a follow-the-sun format, with sessions taking place in three regions around the globe, highlighting speakers from America, Europe, Middle East Africa, and the Asia Pacific. At the conference, you’ll learn about the latest practices, ideas, and strategies in Agile software development from the world’s leading experts, change agents, and innovators. The online broadcast creates new opportunities for making this event more accessible to a global community. 


    Date:  September 8-10th, 2021 (Orlando), Oct 4-7th (Boston), Oct 13-15th (Washington), Nov 1-4th (Vancouver), Nov 30-Dec 3d (Chicago)
    Event: ProjectSummit*BusinessAnalystWorld 

    ProjectSummit*BusinessAnalystWorld is the largest series of conferences for Project Managers and Business Analysts in North America and Canada. These industry-leading events feature expert speakers representing every sector, from all reaches of the globe. From the opening keynote to the close, ProjectSummit*BAWorld events offer tangible education and non-stop opportunities to learn. You will leave feeling invigorated and motivated, armed with new skills, tools, and techniques that can be immediately applied in your workplace – not to mention an arsenal of new contacts. PS*BAW places great importance on connecting you with others in your community.

    Date: September 21-23th, 2021
    Event: 32nd IPMA World Congress

    Sustainable development in the era of digital transformation, its challenges, and prospects are the topics of the IPMA 2021 Congress. You’ll have a chance to share and discuss the successful practices and failures of the last decade, to think about how new and old practices can work together to create value in the reality of 2021. The conference will also broaden the competencies of flexible management outside of IT: new product development, procurement, marketing and sales, HR. The expected numbers are 3,000 participants online, 300 participants offline, and 140 speakers from the world including Russia, EU, and Great Britain. You can join the event either offline in Saint-Petersburg or online. After the Congress, you will receive a certificate confirming your participation.


    In October there is a number of summits devoted to PMO. Three of them are really grand events organized by Macgregor Communications, a producer of international trade and consumer events, conferences, publications, and e-media in the USA.

    Date: October 14th, 2021
    Event: FuturePMO

    FuturePMO is a one-day unique, fun, informative, inspiring, and friendly PMO Conference that is designed to push the boundaries of your PMO thinking, to look towards the future. It is attended by PMO Practitioners at all levels, from all over the globe, and brings together speakers who will push the boundaries of your PMO thinking to help your PMO work smarter. FuturePMO carefully balances serious PMO talk with a hefty dose of fun in a non-sales environment.

    Date: October 17-19th, 2022
    Event: Global Scrum Gathering Lisbon

    Global Scrum Gathering 2021 will provide valuable learning curated by the agile community. It aims to amplify the voices and mastery of emerging leaders and skilled professionals within the community. Given the uncertain circumstances of travel, the format of the event is still being considered: virtual contemplation, hybrid event, or in-person event. Agile-minded people from around the world will gather together to share their passion and drive for transforming the world of work. 

    Date: October 25-26th, 2021
    Event: Digital PM Summit 2021

    Considering the timing and type of work the project managers fulfill, the theme of this event will be resilience. The agenda is pretty wide open for a moment, so you have a chance to take part not only as a participant but also as a speaker. As a digital project leader, you are extremely important to the success of your stakeholders, team, and company. But grappling with myriad day-to-day challenges can make it difficult to master new skills and get the answers you need to improve and grow in your career. Accelerate your professional development and focus on learning, networking, exploring different perspectives, problem-solving, and making strong connections. 

    In the meantime, stay positive and tuned for more information in the coming months.

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