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Jira Day 2020 Remote Edition: the cosmic journey highlights

What a week it was! While NASA and SpaceX were preparing the Dragon Crew flight to the International Space Station, we broadcast Jira Day 2020 Remote Edition to the whole universe. For the former, this was the first-ever commercial space flight, for us – our first-ever fully remote event. Coincidentally, both were a huge success […]

Dzmitry Hryb

10 June 2020 • 26 min read


Extending Jira Service Management Server automation possibilities

A lightning pace of changes taking place in technology is reflecting on all industries, including IT and ITSM. Such technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation may become a challenge if we won’t go outside of our comfort zone and embrace them. To do this, we need to work with experts in specialized fields that were created in […]

Karolina Lasoń

19 June 2019 • 13 min read


5 little tricks to enhance Jira workflow with LDAP data

Every company looks for ways to improve their workflow and avoid any delays. Especially big corporations where is so many people that it’s easier to manage the most complex management tool than to remember everyone’s names. However, a great workflow without bottlenecks is often created by implementing small, but tremendously helpful tricks. Even simple automation of some administrative activities can greatly […]

Karolina Lasoń

4 March 2019 • 15 min read


5 biggest ITSM challenges in 2019

With new year come new challenges. 2019 is the year when IT businesses aim to deliver better service and provide better customer support. To do so, we need to face a number of challenges or overcome some of our fears and predictions. That’s why we went through all possible challenges ITSM can face this year and […]

Karolina Lasoń

1 February 2019 • 24 min read


3 simple actions to extend Jira Service Management workflows

Nowadays, self-service becomes a new sexy. Customers seek on-demand experiences, and even support teams need to take that into consideration. According to Atlassian, we can provide a successful self-service experience in 3 ways even before the customer raises a request. But how can we add that self-service touch to Jira Service Management after they do it? It’s not […]

Karolina Lasoń

17 January 2019 • 13 min read


Your team needs these Jira apps in 2018

Even if we’re nearing the last quarter of the year, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the lookout for tools that help boost the productivity of your team. Here’s a list of Jira tools smart organizations will be implementing or have already done so this year. Structure for Jira – Projects at Scale This […]

Boguslaw Osuch

27 August 2018 • 10 min read


8 things to consider when implementing test automation

Test automation frameworks can bring testing teams plenty of benefits, but only as long as they know how to efficiently manage common test automation challenges. When used right, automation can boost the productivity of your team and enhance the quality of your products.

Boguslaw Osuch

30 August 2017 • 13 min read


How we automated a workflow with Jira sub-task templates

Originally published June 27, updated November 9, 2020 During the last year, the size of our team doubled. Going through onboarding with so many new hires was a challenge for administrators, HR managers, and team leaders. Every month, we needed to create a number of a big bunch of identical issues assigned to different people. At some […]

Krzysztof Skoropada

27 June 2017 • 11 min read