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Supporting Agile and DevOps transformation in Santander Bank Polska

In this article, we zoom in on two projects that brought tangible business value to Santander Bank Polska during our collaboration.

Dzmitry Hryb

17 February 2021 • 33 min read


4 ways of issue tracking in Jira

Whether you’re a seasoned product owner or trying out Jira for the first time, your goal is to stay on track with everyday tasks. Jira offers so many different ways to manage issues that you may even feel a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Depending on your needs, you may be perfectly fine with a simple Kanban board or gallop […]

Jarosław Morawski

18 December 2020 • 25 min read


What Jira Server clients should do before 2024

Last update: December 9, 2020 Already heard the news about Atlassian announcing the end of sale for Server products in 2024 and don’t know what to do with your instance? As a Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner, we’ll navigate these changes together with you through the digital space. Here we are with the most important information and guidelines […]

Dzmitry Hryb

4 November 2020 • 22 min read


How to merge two Jira instances: a customer case

Do you know how many Jira instances teams use at your company? You can benefit a lot from integrating them by implementing a unified stream of activity, connecting your reporting panels, and facilitating links between projects. However, integrating multiple Jira instances comes with its share of challenges. If you’re wondering how to carry out the process […]

Piotr Mazij

1 July 2020 • 25 min read


Jira Day 2020 – Remote Edition is around the corner

Tomorrow we’re taking over the universe! We’re kicking off Jira Day 2020 – Remote Edition. During our 4-days free event, we’ll provide you with ready-to-use solutions that will boost your business in these tough times. We know that you are busy now more than ever. That’s why we’ll walk you through our event’s agenda, so you could easily […]

Alina Urbaniak-Gawlik

25 May 2020 • 12 min read


Jira Day 2020 – Remote Edition behind the scenes

There’s one week left to Jira Day 2020 – Remote Edition! We’ve been working hard to organize the best possible online event. As we can’t wait for you and the rest of the participants to see the great attractions we prepared for the event, in this article we’ll give you a sneak peek of it.  First Jira Day […]

Alina Urbaniak-Gawlik

19 May 2020 • 10 min read


How to enable self-service in Jira Service Management

Originally published December 20, 2019, updated February 9, 2021 Nowadays, self-service becomes a new sexy. Customers seek for on-demand problem solving, which is something support teams have to consider. According to Forrester Research, 72% of customers prefer self-service over the phone or email support. Given that they can easily find and use these capabilities, providing them can reduce […]

Karolina Lasoń

20 December 2019 • 22 min read


Newcomer’s introduction to the Atlassian Ecosystem

Have you recently joined the Atlassian Ecosystem? If you don’t know how it works and how to find yourself here, let us introduce you to this fascinating world. In the Ecosystem, you can try and buy Atlassian software, as well as the vendors’ apps, develop your Jira-related skills, gain completely new knowledge and meet amazingly creative […]

Alina Urbaniak-Gawlik

9 December 2019 • 30 min read