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3 proven uses of test automation + extra: Appium framework

Jira, with a little help of a proper add-on, can be applied for both manual and automation testing. Automated testing is now on the rise - implemented by 44% of companies in at least 50% of all testing in the previous year. What stands behind this popularity of automation testing and what's the best usage of this method?

Magdalena Korgul

8 July 2021 • 23 min read

Test management

How QA teams benefit from a centralized test repository

Jira isn’t a dedicated testing solution, but it is an integrated platform that allows managing projects, users, and workflows in a single place. We have recently helped a US-based corporation to implement TestFLO for Jira and streamline the testing process by introducing a centralized repository of testing documents. Read on to find out how our test management solution improved their underlying processes.

Martyna Wiśnik

29 December 2020 • 21 min read


Dogfooding: how Deviniti tests with its test management tools

–  Dogfooding is a great way to get people to walk a little way in the user’s shoes. Source Dogfooding comes from the phrase first used in 1988 by a Microsoft manager Paul Maritz who wanted to improve a product and emailed his colleague the following message: “We are going to have to eat our own […]

Dzmitry Hryb

29 October 2020 • 21 min read


Improvement in test management – TestFLO 6.0 is here!

We’ve just completed another period of intensive work on TestFLO, and the result is a brand new version of our app! TestFLO 6.0 is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace. This is a big step for us. We’ve introduced entirely new functionalities that improve the testing process. TestFLO 6.0 also restores its compatibility with Jira […]

Marcin Żurawiecki

25 March 2019 • 11 min read

Requirements Management

Test Management in Jira 101: the basics

This article was updated on February 2, 2021 by Magdalena Korgul, Content Specialist at Deviniti. Software development is a complicated activity that consists of many different stages, one of which is test management. Nowadays companies constantly improve their testing processes, having in mind the quality assurance of their final product. As the field is constantly growing, there […]

Marcin Żurawiecki

21 January 2019 • 26 min read


STARWEST 2018 – where software testing is the star

The last quarter of 2018 started off with a trip to the USA. We went to Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA, to attend StarWEST – the most established and renowned worldwide software testing conference. Over 40 top companies, 70+ empanelled speakers, and more than 1000 attendees assembled in the land of childhood heroes, each bringing valuable […]

Dzmitry Hryb

26 October 2018 • 19 min read


Why requirements test coverage is key to success?

Developers implement solutions and testers design tests on the basis of information included in requirements. If requirements are clear and well-defined, testers can start writing tests at the early stage of software development – when the solution is still under construction.

Marcin Żurawiecki

15 October 2018 • 16 min read


4 reasons to use Jira apps for test management

 Originally published January 18, 2018, updated January 5, 2021 Every software development project requires a well-developed test management process, and every test management process requires the right tools. Sure, we can start with simple and informal spreadsheets as our testing command center. But as your software grows, we will need a more mature process as well as more advanced tools […]

Marcin Żurawiecki

18 January 2018 • 20 min read