Reporting in Test Management Software for Jira


28 July 2016 • 3 min read

    Every company requires reporting, only not everyone is aware of how much important information may be read from the reports. If you are deep into Jira and Test Management with TestFLO, you can easily divide it into two levels:

    1. Global, many issues, cross project level,
    2. Issue level.

    On global level you can use:

    a) Issue Navigator– powerful tool for creating filters and searching with Jira Query Language (JQL) to aquire precise information from within issues across the whole of Jira.
    b) Dashboard Gadgets– a lot of visualizations, statistics and metrics on customized boards, based on Jira built-in or custom made issue filters.
    c) Reports – that show statistics for particular people, projects, versions, or other fields within issues.
    d) TestFLO’s reports available from Jira main menu or direct from the project reports view. Also, If you are using Jira Agile / Jira Software plugin (aka Greenhopper) and you include Test Plans into your sprints, you can check progress of your development and tests using dedicated report (go to “Reports” board’s mode and select Progress Report).

    On issue level there are following tools provided:

    a) Panel Filter Result– powerful, highly customized panels, visible on issue view screen, to show connected/related issues and its details.
    b) Issue tab for making snapshot of substasks state.
    c) Custom Fields – built-in and provided with TestFLO (more in Components in TestFLO plugin) like:

    • Steps – colorful statuses for marking the state of particular steps more visible for testers and users,
    • Steps progress / test progress – cumulative field showing total steps progress across the test case or test plan,
    • Sums and Estimations – providing information in regards to workload and real estimations of test cases under a test plan,
    • Defects, Requirements and Test Case Templates special links and aggregators.
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