TestFLO in Coders Lab


25 June 2019 • 7 min read

    At Deviniti, we love to share our knowledge and experience. We use the latest technologies to create our software. Our team of experts has been helping companies and individual users in the effective implementation of project management tools for many years.

    We are continually improving our technical skills to create solutions and apps for Jira, which further facilitate work and automate processes in even the most complex projects.

    We strive to provide high-quality services and ensure that our activities bring value to users and support their growth. That’s why we were happy to learn that the Coders Lab programming school uses one of our products (TestFLO) as part of its curriculum.

    TestFLO – functions and use cases

    Jira is a project management software commonly used by technical and business teams in various industries. Among many features of Jira, we need to pay special attention to its possibilities of integration with other systems or dedicated apps from the Atlassian Marketplace. One of such Jira apps is TestFLO – a test management add-on.

    TestFLO is an app designed for a broad range of users – testers, test managers, software development companies, and other IT organizations. It’s fully compatible with the latest version of Jira. Thanks to this add-on, the level of automation of testing processes increases, and test teams can work even more efficiently.

    TestFLO can be adapted to the needs of a specific project in any way, and the intuitive interface makes accessing information easy and quick. One of the main features of TestFLO is the tree structure which allows categorizing tests using folders according to user needs. It helps in managing any type of tests.

    The app also allows creating Test Plans, which makes test monitoring easier. Thanks to its high configurability, the test process can be defined to match the organization’s needs. Users can customize the view of elements such as the Steps field, the Test Cases panel on the Test Plan, or the workflow of test issues.

    That’s not everything – TestFLO offers users the ability to generate reports and analyze data obtained in the testing process.

    TestFLO in Coders Lab

    The IT School Coders Lab has been operating in several Polish cities for over 5 years and has developed a rich educational offer. Students can gain knowledge of programming (frontend and backend), UX design, and software testing.

    The tester’s career path is divided into two areas – as a manual tester and an automatic tester. Courses are based on original learning materials, the quality of which is guaranteed by cooperation with over 300 partner companies. In the Manual Tester course program, Coders Lab explores a product created by Deviniti – TestFLO.

    The Manual Tester course consists of two modules: theoretical (which prepares learners for obtaining the ISTQB certificate) and practical. As part of practical workshops, students learn how to use Jira integrated with TestFLO. The program includes, among others, the following issues:

    • creation of basic applications (issue, story, epic),
    • creating a sprint and adding tasks to it,
    • communication in Jira and adding comments to applications,
    • design of Test Cases,
    • test planning using Test Plans,
    • execution of Test Cases and registration of their results,
    • reporting in Jira.

    At Deviniti, the most important part of our work is creating products that bring value to users. We are pleased that TestFLO has also been used to educate IT professionals, and we hope that our Jira app will help users optimize their work.

    Do you want to learn more about TestFLO’s functions? Contact us – our experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

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