What We Learned From Creating TestFLO For An Enterprise Client


31 July 2017 • 9 min read

    TestFLO was born around 4 years ago when one of the largest banking institutions in Poland asked us to develop and implement a new test management solution in Jira.

    The client simply wasn’t happy with their current testing solution and no tool available on the market fulfilled their needs.

    A huge chunk of the organization’s test case management was carried out in Excel files. As you can imagine, that system just wasn’t working anymore because of the sheer volume of testing handled at that organization.

    Our client worked with thousands reusable test cases

    Specifically, over 20 000 of them.

    That’s why the organization embarked on a mission: finding a solution that would allow for a smooth management of all test cases and quick creation of new ones.

    The client asked us to prepare a presentation about the range of solutions available on the market for test management in Jira. We showed them two such solutions during a special workshop with a dozen people responsible for tech and business.

    Our presentation was about Zephyr and synapseRT.

    The discussion among the executives present at the workshop was very lively. Eventually, they’ve decided that none of these two solutions offered the exact set of functionalities they were looking for.

    So they asked us to develop a custom solution for test management

    We’ve just spent two days discussing testing processes carried out at the organization, so we had a clear idea about the client’s needs and preferences for testing in Jira.

    We knew which functionalities were crucial, and which ones were not a must in the final product.

    So we agreed to return in two weeks with a proof of concept (POC).

    We took the risk of prototyping the solution on our own. But we did that because we believed that there was a market gap to be filled here. So we just went for it.

    It turned out that we did the right thing

    When we presented our solution to the client two weeks later, we got amazing feedback.

    It was exactly what the client had in mind. Thanks to that two-day workshop, we got to understand the needs of large organizations in developing and implementing testing processes.

    TestFLO was designed to match the needs of a large enterprise working with thousands of test cases. That’s why the plugin is able address the highest demands in testing.

    But the solution works for every organization searching for a smart and agile testing process that delivers concrete results.

    TestFLO was designed to solve one major problem

    It was the lack of a proper test case repository that could be easily managed and optimized to match current testing needs.

    The testing solution used by the client previously turned out to be inefficient, and testers soon started to use Excel for storing test cases.

    One part of the team prepared and maintained the repository while the other executed them.

    But that kind of repository is very hard to maintain – and to make sense of!

    Our POC delivered a solid repository of test cases for the organization. Instead of managing test cases in Excel files, testers could now complete all the tasks directly in the application.

    The POC came with a range of functionalities

    The tool allowed for tracking test records that were previously handled externally, in the client’s HP Quality Center.

    Thanks to our solution, the organization didn’t need to send information about testing status back and forth, but carry out all the work in a single place – their Jira instance. And that gave a great boost to their testing performance, since they were already using Jira for bug, change and release management.

    Having all this information in one place allowed our client for comprehensive reporting showing the current status of test cases in detail.

    Instead of jumping between processes in different places, the client could now carry out, manage, and track all testing processes in a single application without the need to rely on any additional tools.

    But that’s not everything.

    Our POC was designed to provide flexible test management options, and support quick creation and execution of test cases.

    Thanks to our tool, the team that previously managed and maintained Excel test databases required much less to time to perform these tasks.

    That’s what TestFLO is about

    The solution we developed for the enterprise client offered a set of valuable features the organization required to support their test processes:

    • a functional repository of test cases;
    • tracking of test changes;
    • easy reporting;
    • quick creation of test cases (including ad hoc creation).

    TestFLO offers unmatched configuration flexibility, allowing organizations of various sizes to design their test processes directly in Jira and benefit from the functionalities built into the plugin.

    Would you like to see how TestFLO works in practice?

    Here’s a case study from Bogdan Gorka, a leading PMO consultant and Jira expert who in this article explains  how he uses TestFLO to support test management in SAP projects.

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